16 Reasons The 2015 Dodge Challenger Is The Real Deal

16 Reasons The 2015 Dodge Challenger Is The Real Deal


Classic Muscle Car Looks

The 2015 Challenger has sleek modern lines while still looking like a blast from the past.

Real Muscle Car Power

A 470 horsepower 392 Hemi V8 gives this machine plenty of muscle, or opt for the 707hp available in the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat!

That Rumbling Muscle Car Sound

A straight-through rear or mid muffler gives the exhaust system that throaty rumbling sound that muscle cars are famous for.


The 2015 Challenger can deliver 90% or better of the maximum torque from 1,800 to 6,400 rpm.

Classic Cockpit Design

The designers gave the cockpit all the advantages of modern technology while keeping to that classic 1971 look. From the retro speedometer and tachometer to the aluminum bezel, the interior says “muscle car” just as loudly as the exterior does.

Passenger Space

What’s the point of a muscle car if not cruising with your friends? The 2015 Challenger makes this easy with its best-in-class rear head room and leg room.

Nostalgia Detailing

The engine block is laquered with HEMI Orange, and this model comes with a rear spoiler and split tail-lamps.

Wide Range of Colors

Pitch Black, Bright White, Billet Silver, Granite Crystal, Jazz Blue, Redline Red, Pearl and Ivory White Tri-Coat, Phantom Black Tri-Coat, Pearl, TorRed, B5 Blue, and Sublime Green.

The Manual Option

True muscle car enthusiasts enjoy the control of manual shifting. The 2015 model comes with six speed manual shifting.


The engine gives a powerful performance all through its speed range.

Less Drag

The 2015 model has improved aerodynamics, and less drag, than any previous model.

High Performance Brakes

A powerful engine with high acceleration needs high performance brakes. The 2015 Challenger has them.


The aluminum housings and axles save weight over the 2014’s steel versions. This translates into better performance.

High Tech Suspension

Spring-seat isolators, rear suspension cradle, rubber shock absorber bushings, and more provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Dual Snorkel Inlets

The large dual snorkel inlets and hood bulge not only contribute to the classic look, they provide superior engine cooling.

Choice of Wheels

Nine wheel designs are available, something for every taste.

The new Challenger is available in-stock or through custom order at the Ottawa Dodge Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario; Ottawa Chrysler Jeep Dodge!

Ottawa Dodge! Lowest Price in Ottawa

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